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Dass Hair Salon ::: Wave Perms

  1. volume magic perm

    Date2013.07.15 Views18484
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  2. Dass Hair Salon

    Date2013.07.15 Views16902
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  3. Digital perm

    Date2013.07.11 Views34434
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  4. Man's Down perm before and after

    Date2013.07.08 Views17390
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  5. Body wave

    Date2013.07.08 Views38018
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  6. Magic setting before and after

    Date2013.07.08 Views52899
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  7. Body wave

    Date2013.07.08 Views47269
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  8. wave perm

    Date2013.07.08 Views42970
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  9. Damage hair Recovery

    Date2013.07.08 Views40555
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  10. Digital Straight Perm by Soo

    Date2013.06.28 Views57123
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  11. Recovery damaged hair After perm

    AFTER Recovery perm
    Date2013.06.26 Views41554
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  12. BEAUTYFUL wave hair

    Date2013.06.26 Views40324
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  13. Recovery damaged hair - before and after

    Befor After Recovery perm
    Date2013.06.26 Views47993
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  14. Volume Straight before & After by SOO

    Date2013.06.01 Views24310
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  15. volume magic straight perm Before & After

    Before After volume magic straight perm
    Date2013.05.18 Views27690
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  16. volume magic before & After

    Date2013.05.18 Views23703
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  17. Recovery damaged hair - before and after

    Date2013.05.17 Views41431
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  18. Digital perm

    Date2013.05.17 Views30303
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  19. long wave

    Date2013.05.17 Views39890
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  20. wave perm

    Date2013.05.17 Views25801
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